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Give Some Summer Lovin’

I guess the adage “time flies when you’re having fun” is really true, as Summer always seem to speed by so quickly. Just one month left before it’s back-to-school for the kids and back-to-the-grind for us. Hopefully, you are able capture quality time with a family vacation, but this time of year also presents the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our professional family.

Think of all your advocates: contacts, mentors, loyal customers, etc. While they have contributed to your business tremendously, have you done anything recently to return the support? If not, this is the month to do so. Understandably, it takes enormous time and effort to build and grow our business with varying meetings, tasks, and initiatives tugging for our attention, but it’s also important every once in awhile to stop and recognize our successes to date… and how we got here. I suggest reaching out to these people to show your appreciation. It could be a loyalty rewards program, scheduling that lunch you’ve been talking about doing for the past six months, or a simple note to say hello and thank you. In business, money may motivate, but people are the true resource in helping you achieve your goals. Plus, it’s the human connection that makes work enjoyable and worthwhile.

Express your gratitude, then pay it forward. Find a promising up-and-comer or a start-up with a compelling mission and lend your support. We all need a little help sometimes, even if its just advice and guidance. Miami Beach is an inspiring background in which to pursue a dream, and this city’s success and sustainability relies on its community working to help one another realize these aspirations.

I hope this summer leaves you refreshed and ready for the upcoming high season. Remember to enjoy and take advantage of these quieter moments, for they can be just as valuable as career peaks. In the meantime, we at the Chamber are always available and happy to help you make the right connections.

At your service,

Jason Loeb



Statistics Show

In these hard economic times, I have heard many questions as to the value of joining a Chamber of Commerce.  It is a good thoughtful question that each business owner should ask before making any investment.  Membership is an investment after all.  

Overall, has membership been a direct impact on the bottom line?  I came upon a recent study by The Schapiro Group, Market St. entitled “The Real Value of Joining a Local Chamber of Commerce”, and there were some compelling statistics that support membership.  For instance, 59% of consumers think that being active in the local chamber of commerce is an effective business strategy.  It is 29% more effective for communicating to consumers that a company uses good business practices and 26% more effective for communicating that a business is reputable.  If a company shows that it is highly involved in its local chamber, consumers are 12% more likely to think that its products stack up better against its competition.
Is this why I became the Chairman of the Board?  I have to say that I am very invested in this community and feel strongly that through the chamber I have forged long lasting, solid relationships, both business and personal.  However, having participated at the chamber for many years now, I know that you get out of it what you put into it.  The more active, the more visible, therefore – the more visible, the more opportunities for your business to be the “buzz” with the local community.

The study shows that consumers are 44% more likely to think favorably of a small business who is a chamber member, and 63% more likely to purchase goods or services from the company in the future.  As you plan your business strategy, keep this study in mind and contact the Chamber to “Experience the Power of Membership”.

Jason Loeb is the Chairman of the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce and owner of Sudsies Dry Cleaners.  For more information regarding the Chamber or for a copy of the full study, please contact 305.674.1300.

At your service,
Jason Loeb
Chairman, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.