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Human Spirit

As the Andy Williams song goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Ok, turkey dinners, excessive parties and presents aside, the best thing about the holiday season is the human spirit. It’s about giving thanks and giving back.

When I first started Sudsies more than 15 years ago, I sought out the Chamber as an effort to boost my business. And it did. But my new-found success wasn’t just in the new business contacts I made, but in the guidance provided by key leaders in the organization. I credit a lot of people in the Chamber for their support, but was perhaps most touched by Michael Milberg, fellow Chamber member and executive director of the Mount Sinai Medical Center Foundation.

“It is always about the organization. Do the right thing and you will always be successful.” Michael said this to me more than 10 years ago, and the statement has resounded with me ever since. At the time, Michael was Chairman of the Chamber and a very influential figure to me. Luckily, I seemed to capture his attention as well and he appointed me to the Board. He followed up on these words of advice with many more, and his interest and leadership-by-example taught me that it’s not just about promoting your business, but being a genuine part of the community.

I hope that you too have had similar figures in your life – the person, or people, to whom you can credit your personal development and ultimate success. And if you don’t have a mentor, please consider the Chamber your support system, for it’s our mission to see that each member grows from their experience with organization. And what better time to play a mentorship role yourself? Pass on the guidance you received, along with your own experiences, to a budding professional. No matter how seasoned you are, you’ll most likely end up learning from them as well.
If I can give you anything this season, I hope it’s the following advice: Business is very much personal. It’s about bringing quality to a relationship, enhancing success by working together and giving back so that the cycle can continue. These words aren’t as glamorous as a new high-tech gadget or as fancy as designer duds, but I assure you that, if followed with sincerity, they’ll never lose their novelty.

Happy Holidays,

Jason Loeb
Chairman of the Board, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Welcome Note

“A rising tide lifts all boats” has always been a favorite mantra of mine. John F. Kennedy coined the phrase in a 1963 speech, and the proverb has echoed ever since as we’ve endured waves of thriving and challenging economies. While its various interpretations have been praised by some and criticized by others, I believe the key to individual success indeed lies in a balanced, supportive community.

We’re all business people, but we’re also residents striving for a work-life balance. As professionals, we aim to provide our customers a superior product and experience. In turn, we expect the same in our own daily life events. A desirable society relies upon a cohesive collaboration of organizations, from grocery store trips to tourism offerings. The Chamber is about bringing companies together to meet one another, but to also work together in creating opportunities and experiences unique to this community. Miami Beach boasts a glamourous history and remains high on the local, national and international radar, in part because it’s always evolving. Most recently, this island hotspot has transformed into a well-rounded business, entertainment and cultural mecca with its landmark structures like the Miami Beach Convention Center, New World Symphony Hall and Mount Sinai Medical Center, as well as key events such as Art Basel Miami Beach, Miami Beach International Fashion Week and (fittingly) Miami International Boat Show. Each has grown in great magnitude and prestige, fulfilling what a well-heeled traveler values in a global destination and what a resident enjoys in their own backyard.

This is all not without relationships. As Miami Beach Chamber members, we have access to a great network and can build upon each other’s achievements. Take advantage of meeting opportunities and value your networking contacts as partners. Uncover their needs and goals. Some you may be able to help with, some not, but make your relationship an active one – successful people believe in their business, but champion their peers as well. In turn, voice what you have to offer this community and what you need from it to grow. You’d be surprised at who may hold the key to helping you achieve your goals. Finally, along with professional and personal duties, we have a social responsibility. Identify a cause close to your heart and fight for it with direct involvement.

I choose to embody the proverb above by offering my support to each of you. Through every ebb and flow, remember your advocates. Let them support you, but more importantly, offer your support to them. Smooth sailing.

At your service,
Jason Loeb
Chairman of the Board, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.