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What’s More Positive than a Smile?

When I started Sudsies more than two decades ago, I thought really hard about what type of organization it should be. If my team and I were going to immerse ourselves in the business, it might as well be an environment that we enjoy coming into everyday. Furthermore, in an industry filled with negative connotations, I knew I had to stand out from the rest of the South Florida dry cleaners out there.

Then I thought, what’s more positive than a smile? Bingo, that was my brand.

Image-wise, our focus is pretty evident. We are a luxury dry cleaner, but slick, high-end graphics take a back seat to smiley face themes, bubbly trucks, and playful language.  But it wasn’t just enough to incorporate smiling into our business, we had to make it our business. I’ve discovered that people really don’t really care what you know; it’s how you make them feel. I had faith that we had the finest technology and skilled technicians, but what separates a good business from a great business is going above your core competencies. Thus, along with clean clothes, our mission includes providing our customers and fellow staff free smiles. Some small, but smile-inducing added services we provide include carrying clothes out to our customers’ cars, aiming to complete orders earlier than promised date, and recognizing customers on their birthdays and anniversaries.

Of course, none of this is sustainable without a strong team. One of the things I’m most proud of for Sudsies is the culture we’ve created. We are a family unit. When we hire, we select for attitude over experience. In fact, many of my greatest team members and managers joined Sudsies without any dry cleaning or laundering experience what-so-ever. Yet, I saw their innate enthusiasm, energy, and positivity – I can’t teach that, but I can always train them for skills. Ongoing education and professional development courses not only provide them the skills they need, but also help them discover what aspects of the business they truly enjoy, thus can thrive in. For me, there is no better way to put a smile on someone’s face than giving him/her the opportunity to succeed.

So when you see a Sudsies smile, know what it’s genuinely real. It’s truly our pleasure to serve you..

Your Happy Staff

Job Satisfaction!

Ever wonder where all your time goes? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average work day accounts for nearly 41% of our day (sleeping claims another chunk at 32%). As leaders, we probably dedicate even more time to our companies. This statistic underscores the importance of the adage “love what you do.” Otherwise, that is a lot of unhappy hours you’re allowing to pass by.

The health and sustainability of a company is rooted in the job satisfaction of its employees. The secret is simple: build a positive company culture. Sure, business is a serious matter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate a little play into the professional mix. For example, my team at Sudsies recently created a “Smile Campaign” highlighting the many positive personalities across South Florida. Some of you may have seen the yellow happy face photos indicative of the initiative. It’s simple, but also contagious (come on, it’s nearly impossible not to respond to big smile) and a great way to get both employees and customers involved and build upon their relationship. Who knew dirty clothes could be so fun?

As a tourism-based economy, it is our duty to be warm and welcoming to our visitors and fellow residents. People frequent venues they feel good about, otherwise they’ll move on. The only way to create this authentic quality service is to embed it in your company culture. This relies on us having the right attitude, talking the talk and walking the walk…all while grinning. Your employees are dedicating substantial hours to helping grow your business – why wouldn’t we make their time here as enjoyable as possible? So come on, get happy. Putting a little creative business spin on the “Field of Dreams” prophecy, if you build it with positivity, the customers will come.

At your service,

Jason Loeb